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Business Intelligence Software and Web-based Reporting Tools byLogiXML
  A tool for creating and managing data report containing 3 types of reporting: Ad Hoc, Managed and OLAP.
Date Added: Oct 04, 2006, Viewed: 44 No Review Yet
Data Access with ADO.NET
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 5,643 1 Review
DataGrid Control
  The DataGrid control is a table driven. It is ideal for displaying information that contains many elements or fields or many rows and columns.
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 14,836 4 Reviews
The Repeater List Control
  The most basic list control is the Repeater control. As its name suggests, the Repeater control is used to display a collection of items in a repeating list. The items are rendered in the list based on templates.
Date Added: Mar 28, 2006, Viewed: 24,024 3 Reviews
Binding Data to List Control
  An ASP.NET list control can be bound to any data source that implements the IEnumerable, ICollection, or IListSource interfaces (for example, DataView, OleDBDataReader, SQLDataReader, Hashtable, and ArrayList).
Date Added: Mar 28, 2006, Viewed: 22,752 5 Reviews
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