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PHP Tips and Tricks - Do's and don't
  These are some common PHP and MySQL coding tips. I believe these are good do's and don'ts
Date Added: Oct 13, 2006, Viewed: 169 2 Reviews
How to get rid of PHPSESSID in PHP applications
  Having the PHPSESSID in the URL is not only ugly, but also a security risk. This page show how to take out the PHPSESSID in several ways.
Date Added: Oct 24, 2006, Viewed: 205 1 Review
  An array is a list that hold multiple values and is an indispensable tool in programming. An array consists of elements, each of which can hold a value. Each element is referenced by its index (or key).
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 5,136 7 Reviews
PHP: executing string as mathematical equation - website55
  PHP: Interpret Math String and Return Value
Date Added: May 13, 2010, Viewed: 11 1 Review
  Using PHP to connect database via ODBC is not popular but possible. You can find the reference of built-in function of PHP and ODBC
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 14,279 4 Reviews
Upload picture and create thumbnail with PHP
  This page will teach you how to write a code in php for uploading picture and create thumbnail by specifying an options via class file
Date Added: Sep 14, 2014, Viewed: 406 15 Reviews
PHP Tips & Tricks - A Picture Upload
  PHP can be learned from our tutorials, but once you have the basics down, there's nothing quite like a few examples to help broaden your understanding.
Date Added: Oct 13, 2006, Viewed: 251 6 Reviews
Search Engine Optimization
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Date Added: May 20, 2008, Viewed: 36 5 Reviews
  PHP also provide the way connect to Component Object Model (COM) that is used wildly on MSWindow platform. The following code will show you how to connect to database via COM.
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 8,815 2 Reviews
  This section will show you how to interact with MySQL database using PHP language. Beside the code below you need to know PHP's built-in functions for MySQL
Date Added: Mar 29, 2006, Viewed: 9,121 4 Reviews
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